Reuven Carlyle 36th LD


"Public education is the heart, soul, passion and spirit of why I’m in public service today. It’s my passion and we need real people living real lives who care about K-12 and higher education to engage in the hard work of public policy reform."

Reuven supports increased funding and expanding the very definition of 'basic education' to include at least one year of additional education, training or certification beyond high school. We must bring down the institutional silos of education between early learning through K-12 and higher education. We must recognize that great teachers and principals--with accountability, authority and resources--make a fundamental difference in the lives of children and give parents the confidence they deserve.



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Reuven is a husband, father and technology entrepreneur, first elected in 2008.

The 36th District is among the most educated, progressive and relatively affluent in our state. Reuven believes the people elected him to vigorously seek intellectual and moral independence from old-fashioned orthodoxies.  We live in a 21st Century global community and stereotypical positions—liberal, conservative, Democrat and Republican—have little bearing on our children’s future. 

He has embraced the obligation to challenge the institutional bureaucracy when I believe it is spending money unwisely or putting narrow internal interests above the public good.  The legislature’s audit and oversight role is, in my view, one of the most important tasks and yet it is widely overlooked. 

On a broader level, he is committed to focusing on large ‘systems’ issues:  The shift from manufacturing to service economies means loss of wages and buying power;  a lack of educational rigor and quality from K-12 through higher education; an inability for the middle class to afford health care, housing and other staples of life; the difficulty of small business to succeed against bureaucratic barriers; the lack of common sense coordination and efficiency between disconnected city, county and state governments; a need for new thinking about clean energy and environmental strategies. 

He has tried, above all, to make a genuine difference and help real people living real lives.  Serving as a citizen legislator is about unabashedly believing in hope over cynicism.  He's not embarrassed to say that idealism is not a quaint concept and slogan but a guiding principle.  

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