Judy Clibborn 41st LD


"The most important duty of our state is to educate every child. As a mother, I know that the state's entire quality of life rests upon quality education for our youth."

"I love innovation and think it is driven by empowering people to think outside the box and giving them flexibility...We have spent way too much energy working against each other on these ideas rather than identifying what we know works and funding that."


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Judy has lived on Mercer Island for 40 years. She is married and has three adult children. She holds a BS and an RN from the University of Washington.

Her experience includes service as Executive Director of the Mercer Island Chamber of Commerce, and a Registered Nurse at Seattle's Harborview Medical Center. She is also a former Mayor of Mercer Island and former Mercer Island City Councilwoman.Judy has been a Mercer Island resident for 40 years. She is married, and has three adult children. 

A former Mayor, mother and grandmother, Judy Clibborn combines a lifetime of real experience with moderate, bi-partisan leadership. A state transportation leader, Judy has focused on I-90 and I-405 improvements, improving transit, and ensuring the start of construction on I-520.

A former Chamber director, Judy knows we must hold the state government accountable. She cut $2 billion from the budget, voted to close loopholes on Wall Street banks, and opposed increasing the state sales tax. To help stimulate the economy, Judy voted to create new clean energy jobs, invest in worker training, and support small businesses.

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