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"A shift in culture means putting children first. No excuses for not performing to where we know we're capable of performing -- adopting that culture of high expectations, high performance and accountability."

"We have to move from a system which has been very focused on measuring inputs to a system that's focused on measuring outcomes; outcomes like on-time graduation and eliminating the achievement gap."

“The union is a very important stakeholder. So are individual teachers, so are the other adults in the system. But most of all it’s the kids.” 




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The son of a career Army soldier and a schoolteacher, Rob McKenna grew up in spots around the globe before his family chose to settle in Bellevue because of its quality schools.

A University of Washington graduate, where he served as student body president, he earned his law degree at the University of Chicago. He and his wife Marilyn moved back to Bellevue, where he worked as an attorney helping small and large business. They have four children.

Rob began his public service career in 1995, running and winning a seat on the King County Council. He was re-elected twice. In 2004 he won his first race for Attorney General and was re-elected in 2008 with 59.5% of the vote.

He is recognized as a national leader on many issues, including the fight to protect homeowners who are victims of mortgage fraud, and his counterparts around the country have elected him President of the National Association of Attorneys General.

Rob is a passionate advocate for education innovations for our kids and our college students.

Serving on the Bellevue Schools Foundation gave Rob a first-hand look at the challenges school districts face, and what it really takes to improve student performance. Currently Rob serves on the Bellevue College Foundation board, a vital higher learning institution for community education and job re-training. He is committed to revitalizing our state universities and providing new opportunities for in-state students.

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