Endorsement Interview

Rob McKenna's Endorsement Interview with Washington Stand's PAC Board. First is a 7-minute video highlighting Rob's philosophy on education and some of the things that he will do as governor to improve our schools and get better results for kids.

Rob McKenna Education Highlights

Rob McKenna, Full Interview

Below is the full, hour-long video from Rob McKenna's endorsement interview with Stand For Children Washington's PAC Board on May 12, 2012.

Washington Stand's PAC Board includes representatives of local chapters, advisory board members, and staff. The PAC Board voted 9-2 to endorse Rob McKenna for Governor.


These questions were asked of both candidates in the interviews:

  • In two sentences, what do you want to be your education legacy?
  • How will you move a controversial education policy objective from concept to reality?
  • How do you plan to balance union and citizen support?
  • Describe your plan for getting constituent and stakeholder feedback on this education policy objective?
  • What do you see as the biggest challenges or roadblocks to improving public education in Washington and how do you plan on addressing them?
  • The McCleary decision made it clear that we are not meeting our constitutional duty to fully fund basic education. The decision also made clear that we must consider how we are spending our education dollars, not just how much. How will you spend the existing education budget to get the greatest outcomes for students?
  • Washington is one of the few states where the achievement gap is widening for low-income students and students of color. What do you see as the primary cause of the achievement gap? What actions could Washington take to help schools close that gap?
  • What have you done to better understand the challenges facing low-income students and students of color?
  • At Stand, we try to live up to “being the change you seek.” Describe your experience with “being the change” – either a time when you led others toward bold change or a time when you learned from others that bold change was needed.
  •  If elected, how do you plan to work with the union and what do you see as the role of collective bargaining in our public schools?
  • Describe your relationship with legislative leadership and tell us how you plan to work with all four corners?
  • What will you do if the policies that you know are best for kids differ from the policies supported by your major donors or party leaders?
  • If elected, how do you see your relationship as Governor with the 6 education agencies and rule making bodies, and OSPI in particular?
  • What’s the most influential thing you’ve read on education in the last year?


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