Governor's Race

Rob McKenna for governor

As part of our mission, Stand for Children Washington works to elect education champions - courageous leaders who will stand up for our policy priorities.

We are proud to endorse Attorney General Rob McKenna as our next Governor.

More details about where Rob stands on education in the links on the left.

Endorsement Process

  • PAC Board Vote: Our PAC Board includes representatives of our local chapters, advisory board members and staff. The vote was 9-2 in favor of McKenna.
  • Candidate Criteria: McKenna scored exceptionally well on all five candidate criteria, as determined by our PAC Board after the live interview. Especially persuasive was his track record of working with the Legislature in a bipartisan manner -- as Attorney General, he passed 45 bills. His leadership experience as an executive and the changes he made as head of the Attorney General's Office also factored in, as did his understanding of the power of the governor's office to bring people together to work out a solution. The decision was not about charter schools. PAC Board members focused on McKenna's understanding of education policy as a whole and how the many moving parts fit together. Overall, McKenna showed a stronger alignment with all of our policy priorities, and was specific about what changes to make and how to make them.
  • Member Preferences: We originally edited the questionnaire answers posted here (by subject in the left side menu) to remove identifying information. We then sent a survey to all contacts on our email list on April 26 and again on May 4, 2012, to ask our members in a "blind taste test" which candidate they preferred. When the survey closed at noon on May 9, Candidate A was leading in our subscriber survey with exactly 50% of the vote, Candidate B fell behind with 37.5% of the vote, and 12.5% of people picked "neither." Candidate A was Rob McKenna.
  • Questionnaire: Click on any of the topics in the left side menu to see the full endorsement questionnaire answers from both candidates.

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