Candidate Criteria

As part of our mission, Stand for Children Washington works to elect education champions - courageous leaders who will stand up for our policy priorities.

Our state Political Action Committee (PAC) board and Local Endorsement Committees will make endorsement decisions based on written questionnaires and in-person interviews with candidates. Responses on a survey emailed to our members will also be considered.

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The PAC board includes a representative group of leaders from each of our chapters, state Advisory Board members, and staff. We will conduct a fair, transparent and clear process that results in an endorsement for the candidates who are most closely aligned with our candidate criteria and our members’ priorities. We will make final endorsement decisions by May 20, 2012. 

OUR candidate criteria:

  1. Strong alignment with our issues. They're bold on reform, have a vision and make clear commitments. If an incumbent, they have a strong track record on behalf of our issues and bills. They have high expectations for all kids.
  2. Understands public education. Experience with and knowledge of public education. Excellence in education is a top priority.
  3. Innovative. Experience with and knowledge of innovation. They understand entrepeneurship, trying new things, and how to create change.
  4. A strong leader. They are a catalytic, strategic leader who brings other people along. They have a track record of leading or supporting change.
  5. Viability. They have a clear and viable strategy for winning their race. They can raise money and support for their candidacy.



  • Written questionnaire based on our policy platform is emailed to all legislative, governor's race, and state superintendent candidates (April 2012)
  • Some candidates, particularly incumbents, may be endorsed on the strength of their written questionnaire alone. Other candidates will be invited for an in-person interview.
  • Candidates will be evaluated based on their responses to the written questionnaire, the in-person interview, their alignment with our policy platform, their ability to meet our candidate criteria and their leadership potential.
  • After considering all relevant information, we will either endorse one candidate or make no endorsement.

We will post links and information about all of our endorsed candidates after May 20.

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