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Register and Vote!

Register to Vote

In Washington State, you must register to vote roughly one month before the election.

You must re-register if you move to a new address or if you change your name.

How to register to vote in washington:

Vote by Mail

In Washington, we vote entirely by mail. That means there are no polling places. Instead, a ballot will be mailed to the address on your voter registration, and you will use the special security envelopes provided to mail that ballot back to your county elections office.

Make sure you sign your ballot envelope, put a stamp on it, and mail it back so that it is postmarked by election day.

You will also receive a Voters' Pamphlet that includes statements from the candidates and statements for and against any ballot measures. The Voters' Pamphlet is produced by the Secretary of State's office and is mailed to every household in the state.

If you do not receive a ballot, contact your county elections office

Read more about vote-by-mail.

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