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Parent & Family Engagement | 09/11/2017

Katie Gustainis
Marketing & Communications Coordinator

When we asked for volunteers to read out loud to the group, Marisa raised her hand.

International LIteracy Day Event

Marisa and 15 other children spent last Friday, International Literacy Day, reading books out loud to each other in English and Spanish at the Moore Library in Tacoma. Their parents promised to promote literacy at home by pledging to read with their kids 20 minutes each day.

Part of our mission at Stand is to help equip Marisa and the rest of Washington’s children with reading skills that set them up for future success in school and in their careers.

You can support that mission by donating $10 today to help struggling readers read at grade level.


While our Literacy Day of Action only lasted one day, it showcased the important place reading holds when it comes to lifelong learning. When parents, schools, and communities set a foundation for literacy, children spend more time reading to learn – not learning to read.

Be a part of the community that sets that foundation by chipping in whatever you can to support our early literacy work.

International Literacy Day is a worldwide event because literacy is a worldwide issue. But you can have a direct impact in Washington.


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