Take A Stand: A Poem by Geoffrey Canada

Who We Are | 04/26/2013

Anne Martens
Former Marketing & Communications Director

Anne is the former Marketing & Communications Director for Stand for Children Washington.

When Stand for Children first opened its doors in 1996, our friend and education advocate Geoffrey Canada wrote a poem for us.

17 years later, he recited it at our Changing the Odds lunch, reminding everyone in the room with his powerful words why Mr. Canada is such a respected educator and inspirational leader.

We hope your find his message as affirming and full of hope as we did.

Here's how it goes:

Take a Stand

Maybe before we didn’t know,
That Corey is afraid to go
To school, the store, to roller skate.
He cries a lot for a boy of eight.
But now we know each day its true
That other girls and boys cry too.
They cry for us to lend a hand.
Time for us to take a stand.

And lit­tle Maria’s win­dow screens
Keeps out flies and other things.
But she knows to duck her head,
When she prays each night ‘fore bed.
Because in the win­dow comes some things
That shat­ter lit­tle children-dreams.
For some, the hour­glass is out of sand.
Time for us to take a stand.

And Charlie’s deep­est, secret wishes,
Is some­one to smother him with kisses
And squeeze and hug him tight, so tight,
While he pre­tends to put up a fight.
Or at least some­one to be at home,
Who misses him, he’s so alone.
Who allowed this child-forsaken land?
Look in the mir­ror and take a stand.

And on the Sabbath, when we pray,
To our God we often say,
“Oh Jesus, Mohammed, Abraham,
I come to bet­ter under­stand,
How to learn to love and give,
And live the life you taught to live.”
In faith we must join hand in hand.
Suffer the chil­dren? Take the stand! 

And tonight, some child will go to bed,
No food, no place to lay their head.
No hand to hold, no lap to sit,
To give slob­bery kisses, from slob­bery lips.
So you and I we must suc­ceed
In this cru­sade, this holy deed,
To say to the chil­dren in this land:
Have hope. We’re here. We take a stand!

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  • Beautiful and inspiring. We all must hear and act.
    Sue Ellen Lovejoy

    April 27, 2013 11:47 AM