Legislative Town Halls

Legislators from all over Washington are holding local Town Halls between March 14 and March 30, 2013, to hear from people like you! This is a great opportunity to remind legislators that our children don't need a more expensive education system, they need a better education system.

Reconnect funding & Achievement

Lawmakers are expected to propose a state budget in the next few weeks, and we know there will be a significant investment in education. At the same time, we know that just like our family budget, our state budget has limited funds.

As a state, we have an opportunity right now to reconnect school funding with student achievement - let's invest in the programs that are proven to get better results for students - so that parents and taxpayers are getting more bang for their educational buck. Learn more.

Better Schools, Brighter Future

Would you show up at your local Town Hall and let your representatives know that you support education reforms that improve acheivement and accountability?

  • Achievement: Support Academic Acceleration (SB 5243 / HB 1642), 3rd Grade Reading (SB 5237) and Statewide Education Goals (SB 5491)
  • Accountability: Support Transforming Failing Schools (SB 5329), Mutual Consent for Teacher Placements (SB 5242), Letter Grades for Schools (SB 5328)

Education means learning, and learning involves so much more than just money. Our schools deserves smarter funding, our students deserve a better system, our future depends on it. 

Washington's Legislative Town Halls

First, click here to find out who your legislators are. Then look for their name or district number below. In chronological order, starting on March 14 and ending on March 30:






43Frank Chopp & Jamie PedersenSaturday, 3/3010:30-noon; 3:30-5pm10:30am at University Heights Center, Community Hall, 5031 University Way NE, Seattle, WA; then 3:30pm at Seattle First Baptist Church, Fellowship Hall, 1111 Harvard Ave, Seattle, WA
45Roger Goodman, Andy Hill & Larry Springer3/3010amKirkland City Hall, 123 5th Ave Kirkland, WA 98033

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Click here to learn more about the package of 11 education reform bills passed by our state Senate. These bills now move on to the state House of Representatives, and will be on the table as the House and Senate negotiate what our students will get for the educational dollars we put in.

Download our Legislative Priorities, our Tips for Advocacy in English or Spanish, and our helpful definitions of all that jargon Glossary.

And mark your calendar now for our Stand Up for Kids Lobby Day in Olympia on April 2.

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