Join Us in Taking Action for Washington Students

Parent Engagement

We offer an eight-week course for parents and guardians in the greater Tacoma area that focuses on actionable steps they can take to get involved in their children’s academics. We also host evening and weekend gatherings for parent members to continue their education on the issues that affect their children. Our parent engagement activities give families the tools they need to participate. >


Your donation to the Stand Leadership Center, our 501(c)3 nonprofit, helps fund our work with parents and the community at-large. Making a donation can enable us to offer programs that help parents better support their children's education. >

Opting in for a better education

In Washington, 22 percent of all children are not graduating high school. And of those who do, and attend college, up to one in five require remedial courses. The new assessments that have been developed that provide parents with valuable information on whether their children are learning at grade level. We're encouraging parents to opt in so that their children can get a better education. >

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