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Dear Supporter,Intolerance and hostility have no place in America’s schools. But they are on the rise, and scarring far too many students. The good news? We can change that reality.The solution is kindness.Kindness is more than being nice to someone else. It’s a learned skill that takes practice. So Stand for Children – together with a growing coalition of leading education organizations, distinguished educators, and acclaimed researchers – is launching the Middle School Kindness Challenge.

At participating schools, teachers and staff will lead research-based activities designed to strengthen peer relationships, develop positive mindsets, and foster empathy in students.We’re thrilled to have highly respected program partners like Facing History and Ourselves and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence.

With their help, we've created an easy to use platform with best-in-class resources to enable schools, free of charge, to make kindness a practical, commonplace skill. And we’re working with the American Federation of Teachers, the American Association of School Administrators, the National Association of Secondary School Principals, and many other leading education organizations to get the word out.Research shows, when educators and school staff intentionally and systematically teach, grow, and celebrate kindness, students feel a greater sense of safety, support, and acceptance. Those that practice kindness on a regular basis learn to manage their emotions, statements, and actions, and they become better equipped to navigate our complex world.It is a powerful, common sense solution.

But we can’t do it alone. Your contribution will help us expand our program, reach thousands of middle schools over time, and spark an urgently needed nationwide movement for kindness.Intolerance is becoming disturbingly acceptable. Enough is enough. Let's make kindness the norm for every student in America.Standing with you for children,


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