2012 Elections

Thanks to the voters, the charter school initiative, I-1240, was approved, and 21 of Stand Washington's 26 endorsed candidates won and will be representing you in our state government in Olympia.


  • Yes on 1240 for public charter schools was approved by the voters.

As a member of the steering committee, Stand was instrumental in putting this initiative before the voters, along with our partners at the League of Education Voters, Democrats for Education Reform and the Partnership for Learning. Our Executive Director, Shannon Campion, also served as one of the main spokespeople for the initiative.

This is a historic win for Washington, and it will make a real difference in the lives of kids. We’re thankful to the coalition and especially to the voters. The results show that people in Washington are ready for more flexibility in public schools, and more opportunities for students to succeed.

Click here for information on implementation of the charter school law from the State Board of Education.

Click here for information about the Washington Coalition for Public Charter Schools.


Our endorsed candidate for governor, Rob McKenna, lost in a very close race, while our endorsed candidate for Lieutenant Governor won.

What we learned from the governor's campaign is that many people are ready to put partisanship aside in order to create a student-centered approach to education. The final results were incredibly close, and we know from talking to voters that the education message is resonating -- more people are ready to prioritize education, and more people are recognizing the urgency of improving our schools.  

We offer our congratulations to Jay Inslee as our next governor, and we believe it is time now to move past the politics of campaigning and on to the real work of doing what's right for kids. We are ready to work with Governor Inslee and all our elected lawmakers to fully fund education and to make wise reforms that get better results.


We are excited that 8 of the 10 candidates we endorsed for State Senate and 12 of the 14 candidates we endorsed for the state House of Representatives will be standing up for students in the next legislative session. That's 20 elected education champions who will be working hard for the best interests of our kids.

In two of our targeted legislative races, the results did not go our way. However, we received a lot of positive feedback for our efforts. Even though we suffered a few losses, we believe we made the right choice to work hard for the candidates who stand up for students and put education first. 


We conducted a fair, transparent and clear process that resulted in an endorsement for the candidate who was most closely aligned with our education policy platform and who displayed the greatest leadership potential.

Our candidate criteria included:

  • Strong alignment with our issues. They're bold on reform, have a vision and make clear commitments. If an incumbent, they have a strong track record on behalf of our issues and bills. They have high expectations for all kids.
  • Understands public education. Experience with and knowledge of public education. Excellence in education is a top priority.
  • Innovative. Experience with and knowledge of innovation. They understand entrepeneurship, trying new things, and how to create change.
  • A strong leader. They are a catalytic, strategic leader who brings other people along. They have a track record of leading or supporting change.
  • Viability. They have a clear and viable strategy for winning their race. They can raise money and support for their candidacy.

The endorsement process included background research on candidates' voting records, a written questionnaire, and in-person interviews. We also sent a survey on our policy priorities and our platform to our members and supporters, and their responses helped influence who we endorsed. Our state PAC board, made up of local leaders representing our membership, staff and advisory board members, voted on all final endorsement decisions.


Our election work isn't just about elections, it's about making sure every child in Washington has the opportunity to be a teacher, an engineer, an astronaut, an inventor, or anything they can dream of.

When we stand together for electoral and legislative work, we aren't just trying to pass a law or win an election; our real goal is to make sure every child gets the skills and the opportunities they need to be whatever they want to be when they grow up.


The conversation about improving education is ongoing, and every day we are finding more room in the discussion for parents, community advocates and people like you who will challenge the status quo to do what's right for kids.

Please review our policy platform to see some of our priorities for legislative session.

We look forward to working with all our elected lawmakers to make sure our kids have a chance to fulfill their dreams.  


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