Teacher Excellence Initiative

In 2011, the Dallas ISD Board of Trustees spent a year re-writing the Educational Philosophy policy. They took language that focused on a “belief system” and moved to concrete, measurable goals. In January 2012, the Board passed the new AE (Local) policy for the district’s Educational Philosophy. The goal of the district became to “improve the quality of education for all our students,” and the top priority to reach that goal is to “ensure highly effective teachers for all students.”

"With significant input from Stand for Children’s Texas Educator Network, DISD voted 7-2 to pass the Teacher Excellence Initiative, whose focus is on defining, supporting, and rewarding teaching excellence.”

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The TEI is working. Retention of effective teachers is sky high and the effective teachers received a significant salary increase.

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With the recent change of Superintendent, and a budget process coming up, it is critical for the Board of Trustees and Superintendent Hinojosa to commit to continuing the TEI. Stand’s Texas Educator Network position paper provides more information about the TEI and its impact to date. 

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