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Stefan Berthelson

School: Paul L. Dunbar Learning Center
Class: 3rd grade Math
Experience: 2 years

Last year I taught Kindergarten. I had the special privilege of teaching my scholars the foundations of reading and mathematics as well as helping them understand their role in developing a thriving community. All of my scholars exited Kindergarten reading on at least a 1st grade level with an average of 1.47 years of reading growth. At the end of the year, my principal asked me to move to 3rd grade math, I want to push my scholars to solve problems and see mathematics in the world around them. On top of the regular curriculum and STAAR goals I have this year, I am integrating lessons on a visual coding platform that will teach students computer science. We must push for a classroom experience that will open scholars up to the technological and scientific marvels in the world. I aim to do this.

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