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Christina Ravelo

School: Paul L. Dunbar Learning Center
Class: 1st grade Self-Contained Bilingual
Experience: 2 years

Inside and outside of the classroom I have made it my larger goal and vision for my students and their families to not only have plenty information about the access that a college education grants a student, but also create a realistic plan for how to achieve college readiness for all of my students. Since my students are very young, in my classroom I constantly am referring to their actions in terms of being George Washington University Ready Scholars and Leaders and all the different opportunities that I was granted because of my college education. Additionally, with their families, during conferences and social activities, we sit and make long trajectory plans and goals for each of my students depending on our collective goals. I have realized that my students’ families are very invested in having their students achieve higher education, however, they lack access to resources and knowledge for that dream to become a reality. Therefore, I have made it my classroom’s mission and objective to constantly refer to college education as a way to become a global leader and plan with families how to make that big goal a reality.

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