Tennessee Staff

Nikeisha Royston

Memphis Organizer

Nikeisha Royston holds a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies with a graduate certification in Nonprofit Management and Leadership, and also a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Criminology.  Nikeisha has two children and two grandchildren.    

Nikeisha has been afforded many opportunities to work with varying audiences including parents, families, community members and leaders.  Her extensive experience in the area of Social Services includes Parent Education, Foster Care, Family Preservation, Child Protective Services, and Childcare.  Nikeisha has also served as a Parent Liaison where she trained parents on the national Strengthening Families approach which focuses on building stronger families and promoting children's proper development.  Through her work, she enjoys building stronger communities.

Nikeisha joined STAND to help other parents understand and recognize the importance of being involved in their children's lives and educational experiences starting from an early age.  She is passionate about advocating for better educational opportunities and speaking out on behalf of others because she cares about the future of Memphis and Shelby County’s youth.  She firmly believes that the future of our children starts at home with empowered and informed PARENTS!

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