Tennessee Staff

Nadira Freeman

State Operations Director & Nashville Organizer

As the daughter of a Boston public school teacher and community advocate, Nadira inherited a passion for children and education from her mother.

Growing up in a socially-conscious family with a rich history of advocacy and community organizing led her to her involvement in several community organizing efforts in Nashville and issue-based organizing on the municipal, state, and federal level.

Nadira is a third-generation graduate of Fisk University with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Communications, and Religion and Philosophy.

Her belief in a holistic approach to child development has yielded more than ten years of experience coordinating and directing youth enrichment programs. It also motivates her to ensure that her daughter is able to take advantage of each opportunity available towards building a strong educational foundation, finding artistic expression, as well as experiencing other enrichment activities.

With a strong interest in government affairs and a core belief that all children should have equal opportunities for success, Nadira is excited about the contributions she will make in the fight to advocate for effective solutions to the challenges facing children in Tennessee with Stand for Children.

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