Tennessee Staff

Amariah Tyler

Digital Strategist & Memphis Operations Coordinator

A Memphis native, Amariah has always had a passion for children and education. Raised in a family of six, she saw firsthand how the quality and power of education could make a difference in one’s life.

Growing up in a city rich in musical history combined with her love of music, Amariah pursued a career in the music business. She attended the University of Memphis and started the music industry program there. After interning at a marketing and radio promotions firm and working as a writer for two local magazines, she later changed programs and graduated with a degree in Marketing in 2010. She earned a second degree in 2013 in Management and is currently pursuing an MBA in Business.

An alumna of Memphis schools, one of Amariah’s goals at Stand for Children is to assist in improving the education system and standards in Tennessee—particularly in Memphis where there is a dire need. She is extremely passionate about all children receiving a quality education from the inner city to the suburbs. “There are always negative news reports talking about what’s wrong with our city [Memphis], schools and teachers,” she says. “Let’s start highlighting what’s right. It takes everyone—parents, teachers, students, and our local leaders working together to make it happen.”

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