Vote NO on 3

Elections | 10/22/2014

Cardell Orrin
Memphis City Director

Cardell advocates to make sure that ALL children receive the quality education that they deserve.

Of everything on the ballot this election, nothing troubles me more than Amendment 3. The amendment, which essentially prohibits an income tax in Tennessee, is full of unintended consequences.

By limiting options for Tennessee’s future, Amendment 3 could lead to a double-digit sales tax and hikes in local property taxes.

Stand for Children members are firmly opposed to Amendment 3. Here’s why:

  1. It puts education funding at risk. Our students can’t afford any cuts to their schools, but that’s exactly what could happen under Amendment 3.  


  2. It threatens low-income families. Placing even more importance on sales tax for basic state services disproportionately hurts low-income families who spend a higher percentage of their income on items like food and clothing than wealthy families.


You can learn more by visiting the Vote No on 3 campaign’s website.

Thanks for standing with students against Amendment 3.


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