The Budget Season Is Upon Us!

| 05/04/2012

Taylor Hummel

Mayor Karl Dean has approved Dr. Register and the Metro Nashville Public School Board’s budget request for $46,385,500 for the 2012-2013 school year. If approved by the Metro Nashville Council, this money will go towards:

  • Raising the starting teacher salary to $40,000/year, making MNPS the 3rd highest paying district in the state of Tennessee
  • Hiring 100 more teachers to keep up with our ever-growing student population
  • Opening the new Cane Ridge Elementary School

Stand for Children has been busy lending it’s support to the budget process. During the April Parent Advisory Council meeting, Stand staffers Taylor Hummell and Kate Wingate presented a plain English video made about the Metro budget process by Taylor and Reed Hummell. You can see that video here:

MNPS Director of Schools thanking Stand for Children for their support of fully funded public schools.Organizer Taylor Hummell also came out to support Mayor Karl Dean while he presented his State of the City address earlier this week. He chose this speech to let Nashville citizens know that he will be fully funding our public schools and spoke about the wonderful things happening within MNPS. He made special mention of the high school drop-out rate falling from 4% in 2010 to 2% in 2011.

Nashville Mayor Karl Dean presenting his State of the City address at Nashville’s new Cumberland Park.

Nashville’s newest crop of Metro Police Officer trainees were there to support Mayor Dean’s new budget, which includes expanding the Metro Nashville police department.Please let your council person know how important passing Mayor Dean’s budget is for community. You can contact your council person by emailing, writing, or calling them. Please log on to to see who your council person is.

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