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District 3- King & Love

Stand for Children Tennessee endorses Teddy King & Stepahnie Love for Shelby County School Board District 3

Teddy King

 Why I Stand for Children-  I believe all children  deserve an effective education that prepares them for career and life.

Stephanie Love



Why I Stand for Children-  I stand for children because I believe tomorrow will be better than today when we all stand for children.

Why Stand for Children Endorses Teddy King & Stephanie Love- We believe that both Teddy King and Stephanie Love would make great School Board members. Teddy and Stephanie are active and involved parents for both their children and all children in the community. These two candidates are a testament to the excellent community planning, advocacy, and activism we see in District 3, especially in the Frayser neighborhood. The citizens of District 3 have the great opportunity to consider the experience, track record, and ideas of these two candidates for the one who best speaks to their priorities. Stand for Children endorses both Teddy and Stephanie as Education Champions, and we look forward to working with them on the School Board and in the community.


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