Endorsement Process

We began the endorsement process in February, assembling an all-star cast of leaders. Our endorsement committee included MNPS graduates, parents and grandparents of children in zoned, magnet, and charter schools, and MNPS educators. Outside of their own personal experiences with Nashville public schools, members of this group have attended school board meetings with us, participated in education forums, and learned from policy and advocacy workshops.

Together we developed a questionnaire for non-incumbents and we carefully examined the track record of incumbent members. In some cases, we held follow-up interviews to gain further insight into candidates’ views. While some decisions were easier than others, we did our best to build consensus - not an easy task for a group as opinionated as this one! We are proud to work alongside these committee members and thank them for going above and beyond the call of duty as parent leaders. We’re excited to see them continue to grow as community leaders.


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