English Language Learners

Oregon is one of a handful of states where more than 10 percent of the student population is children learning English. Unfortunately, English learners are a historically underserved population in Oregon public schools, with an on-time graduation rate of 49 percent. Recent studies have shown that ELLs graduate at higher rates than native speakers, under the right circumstances.

An analysis by the Oregon Department of Education (ODE) found that if ELL students reach English proficiency before entering high school, they are more likely to graduate than native speakers.

While there are many factors that contribute to the academic achievement of ELLs, we believe changes in the way we fund English Language Development (ELD) programs are necessary to ensuring the success of these students.

Reaching proficiency is tantamount to student achievement. However, as of 2013, about a quarter of ELL students have been in language proficiency programs for five or more years.

That’s why Stand for Children Oregon has made it a priority to “End the perverse incentive to keep kids in ELD” and pass comprehensive legislation to better support English instruction in Oregon public schools.

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