Meet past winners: Class of 2016

Read a letter from Janene Kajitani, our development manager, to learn more about why our scholarship winners' stories are so influential to our core work. A huge thank you to all the donors and sponsors who helped make the November 2015 luncheon successful.

It’s hard to draft this email through all these tears, but I’ll wipe my eyes and give it a shot.

Moments ago, I watched this year’s Beat the Odds winners take the stage at our annual scholarship awards and fundraising luncheon. These students are the inspiration for so much of Stand’s work. They demonstrate the unlimited potential of Oregon’s young people when we provide them with the tools and educators to support them in their academic journey.

Take Hernan, a valedictorian contender at Woodburn High School who fled to the United States when warring drug cartels penetrated his hometown in Mexico: Hernan is just one of over 500,000 students in Oregon who count on their public school system to open up doors of opportunity for them.

At today’s luncheon, we raised nearly $80,000, to build momentum for the work that aims to put every student in Oregon on a path to a successful, productive life. 

Hernan feels indebted to his public schools. He expressed this at today’s luncheon. He hopes to pay it forward by studying criminology and directing youth to reject violence and embrace academics. Let’s ensure more students find as deep a connection at their public schools!  

Standing with you proudly,

Janene Kajitani


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