Oregonians for High School Success

Together, we can make high school a pathway to success for all Oregon students!

You’ve heard the bad news. Oregon’s high schools have become a dead end for too many students. Our graduation rate is among the lowest in the U.S., and many of those who graduate are ill prepared for college and career success. Three out of four of Oregon’s high school graduates need remedial education when they enter community college.

Here’s the good news. We know how to do better. High schools have shown dramatic improvements when they are able to:

  1. Give students access to hands-on learning and connections to the world of work with modern career- technical education programs that provide pathways to rewarding occupations;
  2. Challenge students with opportunities to earn college credits, improving their chances to succeed in college and reducing the costs of earning a degree.
  3. Keep students on track to graduation by monitoring their progress, arranging extra counseling and mentoring for those who are struggling and providing more class time during the school year and summer breaks.

High school graduation & college and career readiness initiative

This initiative will enable every school district in Oregon to establish these programs and strategies. Here’s how:

The right investments are critical. Funds must be used in these three high-impact areas:

  • Expand and update career-technical education programs
  • Support access to college level courses
  • Implement dropout prevention strategies to improve graduation rates

The funding needed is doable. Dollars needed can be secured within projected state resources.

  • We commit $800 per year for each high school student to improve our high schools. Funds will come from the growth of the state budget over the next two to four years, depending on the strength of our economy. Amounts will be adjusted annually thereafter to reflect the cost of education. This is an ongoing commitment to the success of our high schools, over and above baseline funding for K-12 education.

Accountability and continuous improvement are key. Every school district in Oregon will be eligible to receive these funds, provided they commit to the three key investments and file spending plans with the state Department of Education. The Department will monitor progress and help districts share best practices to improve student success. Appropriate class sizes and teacher collaboration are encouraged. State audits will be required every two years. Administrative costs will be capped and reduced over time.

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