What We Do

How we work to ensure a better education for all children.

Family Engagement & Organizing

Our organizing program gathers voices of supporters just as passionate as we are to spread the word about the quality of our schools. We mobilize parents and families using a variety of methods. Learn more about family engagement and organizing. >

Policy & Advocacy

Statewide and school district policy influences educational quality and fairness. If we want all children, no matter their background, to have an opportunity to graduate from high school, prepared for their next step in life, then we must advocate for effective school policies. Find out how we advocate for these policies. >

Electoral Work

At Stand, we work tirelessly in the months leading up to elections. We advocate for great representation on our local school boards and in Salem. We educate voters on the candidates who have the best track records for education, and who keep children at the center of his or her policy priorities. Read more about our electoral work. >

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