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Parent & Family Engagement | 10/28/2015

Andrea Fish
Tulsa Public Schools Parent

Andrea Fish is a Tulsa parent who has taken Stand for Children Oklahoma's ipledge5 Parent's Promise.

I don’t think I’m any different than any other parent on the planet who looks at their child and sees infinite possibility and wants them to be all they were intended to become in this world.  And I also know I play an important role in my daughter Madelyn’s future and part of that critical role is helping ensure her success at school.


That’s why I was so proud this summer that working together with her father, along with Madelyn who certainly did her part, we were able to play a role in helping her achieve an important goal she sat for herself during summer school—perfect attendance.


You see, Madelyn got a call the night before summer school started that if she obtained perfect attendance she would receive two tickets to a Tulsa Shock game.  That phone call sparked an important conversation with the whole family about what we would do together to help her achieve this important goal.


So we created a plan. We would lay out her clothes the night before so she could sleep as long as possible, make sure any conflicting doctor’s appointments were scheduled after summer school ended each day, we counted down the days together and we praised her every day for the hard work she was putting in at summer school.  It was a powerful display of team work in our family that I’m certain has set Madelyn on a path to success this school year.


So when I heard Stand for Children Oklahoma and Tulsa Public Schools were teaming up on an important campaign for parent’s to take a pledge to support their children’s student success, I couldn’t wait to not only take the pledge, but also share with Madelyn why I did it and what that promise meant for her.


When I make a promise, it’s serious. And, when I make a pledge or promise to Madelyn, it’s especially sacred and I do everything in my power to keep it. That is what I did this summer and it’s what I will do with #ipledge5.


Part of the ipledge5 campaign asks parents to make sure children show up to school on time every day and to create evening and mourning routines—just like we did this summer for Madelyn.  The three other components of the pledge ask parents to read with their child, connect with their teacher and talk about the day together.  It’s a simple commitment that I know will make a real difference in Madelyn’s academic success and I’m certain will make a difference in the lives of other children whose parents also take the pledge.


After taking the pledge what I stressed most to Madelyn was that I had taken this oath for her and that there was nothing in this world more important to me than her and her future.  Madelyn’s meant for greatness and my ipledge5 promise to her will make sure she gets there.


I hope other parents will join me in making that same commitment at www.ipledge5.com.


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