Elect Courageous Leaders

On February 9th we have school board races across the state, including two critical races in Oklahoma City and in Tulsa.

We sent candidate surveys to all candidates running for office in Tulsa and Oklahoma City and scheduled in-person meetings with the candidates.

Our parent endorsement committee in Oklahoma City decided to issue a dual endorsement for both Carrie Coppernoll Jacobs and Adam Zodrow based on both candidates’ expressed commitment to listening to the voices of not only parents in the Hispanic community, but of all OKCPS parents.

In Tulsa we are proud to endorse incumbent school board member Cindy Decker. During her time on the board she’s proven herself a true education champion.  


Here’s some information about each of the candidates we’re endorsing, Carrie Coppernoll Jacobs and Adam Zodrow in Oklahoma City and Cindy Decker in Tulsa:

Join us in voting for children and making our voices heard!

Find your polling place here.

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