Travis Dunlap - Republican for House District 10

Travis Dunlap is a graduate of Bartlesville High School. After attaining his bachelors and masters degrees in music from the University of Oklahoma, Travis served as a missionary teaching English as a Second Language in Southeast Asia for two years. He then moved back to Bartlesville where he works as a private music tutor and operates a small music business.

Travis believes in higher standards for education, yet he encourages implementation that is fair to the concerns of local districts. He is hopeful that, since Oklahoma residents have been awakened now more than ever to the need for higher standards, positive changes will take place. He also favors giving school districts at the local level more ability to manage their schools as they deem to be best for their community.

In his own words…

What are you top budget priorities for public schools in Oklahoma? “To equip the classroom with teachers and materials that are adequate for the job we expect. This will slightly vary from district to district. The priorities right now are reflected in the complicated state funding formula for education. These "priorities" (via the "state funding forming") should be consistently evaluated.”

Will you vote for Travis Dunlap on June 24th?

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