Ben Loring - Democrat for House District 7

Ben has dedicated a large portion of his life to improving the lives of Oklahoma children. Having served for 15 years on the Oklahoma Commission on Children and Youth, Ben is no stranger to the problems facing our students in Oklahoma and how life outside of the classroom impacts their achievement.

Ben cites that education is the “ticket” that will help students living in poverty change their lives. However, in order to achieve that, “Oklahoma must make education a priority and reestablish adequate education funding.”

Ben is a former District Attorney and currently serves as the First Assistant District Attorney in Northeastern Oklahoma.

In his own words…

What are you top budget priorities for public schools in Oklahoma? “We must raise entry level salaries and protect the teacher's retirement system.  Border areas (such as Ottawa County) cannot compete with neighboring school systems in other states.  We often lose our best teachers to Kansas and Missouri that pay a tremendous amount more than the local school districts. Until these issues are addressed, teachers and leaders will continue to leave our state and students. So, my top three priorities are salaries, salaries and retirement.”

Will you vote for Ben Loring on June 24th?

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