AJ Griffin - Republican for State Senate District 20

As a former classroom teacher and mom to a high school and middle school student, Senator AJ Griffin is no stranger to Oklahoma public schools. Senator Griffin has an extensive background in non-profit management—serving previously as the Executive Director of Logan Community Services, a nonprofit agency that provides a variety of social services for children and families.

Over the past two years in the Oklahoma legislature, Senator Griffin has a proven track record of working on issues that improve the lives of Oklahoma children. She cites that many children fail academically for reasons unrelated to school and believes the availability of mental health support, substance abuse treatment, and adequate health care are vital for children in poverty to improve academically.

When it comes to Oklahoma’s education system, Senator Griffin will focus on increasing competition for resources and will work to ensure Oklahoma teachers have the skills they need to be able to teach.

In her own words…

What are you top budget priorities for public schools in Oklahoma? “Operations funds, increasing local control of spending and ending reliance on federal title one fund for things like arts, counseling etc.”

Will you vote for AJ Griffin on June 24th?

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