Wins for Kids

We are leading the conversation on the policies and initiatives Oklahoma needs to ensure all students graduate high school prepared for college or career training.

Grade-level Reading

We have successfully advocated for legislation aimed at improving grade-level reading by the 4th grade and maintaining the individualized reading teams for each struggling reader that were created in law in 2014. These teams, consisting of a parent, teacher, and reading specialist, are required to come to a unanimous decision on the final determination for retention of 3rd graders not reading on grade level and to create a comprehensive remediation plan for each struggling reader. This emphasis on students reading on grade-level by the 4th grade and the creation of teams to analyze the progress and learning needs of each struggling reader has resulted in gains statewide in reading achievement.

High Quality Charter Schools

During the past three years, we have fought for and successfully passed legislation that would strengthen Oklahoma's charter law to ensure that there are high-performing charters across the state of Oklahoma.

Summer Slide

We have partnered with schools to bolster their efforts to encourage struggling students to attend summer school to avoid the summer slide, as well as address learning gaps impacting grade-level reading and graduating from high school college- and career-ready. Tulsa Public Schools credits its partnership with Stand Oklahoma for a 12% increase in overall attendance in its 2015 summer school and a 14% gain in attendance among 3rd graders scoring unsatisfactory on the state’s 3rd grade reading exam. Our efforts to support TPS included development and distribution of informational materials for the home, neighborhood canvasses, and comprehensive public awareness campaigns.

Make Computer Science Count

We have successfully championed legislation that puts a stronger emphasis on Science Technology Engineering and Math, known as STEM, in Oklahoma schools. Included in this effort has been the passage of a new law that allows students to have the ability to earn a math or science credit at the high school level by taking a rigorous computer programming class. The fastest growing jobs across the country and world require STEM skills and we must provide opportunities to all Oklahoma students to acquire this knowledge and be competitive with their peers in other states and across the globe.




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