Fight for Excellent Schools

 Teachers Matter

Our “Oklahoma Teachers Matter: Listening Tour” report and video are the result of eight focus groups across the state in both urban and rural settings to give greater public understanding of the barriers Oklahoma teachers face on a daily basis. Too often the voices of the very men and women who interact every day with our children, and have the most direct knowledge of their learning needs, are either silenced or not being heard. Teachers Matter is reflective of the many differing opinions of Oklahoma teachers on the barriers to student achievement and school transformation in Oklahoma and what is needed for every child to succeed.


Pipeline to Success 


While teacher quality, recruitment, and retention challenges in Oklahoma have been well documented in recent years, less has been written on principal quality and the role school leadership plays in addressing issues plaguing student achievement. Teachers matter, but effective and consistent school leadership also matters if teacher recruitment, retention and development, and student achievement efforts ultimately are to be successful. Pipeline to Success shares national research and best practices for what has become another substantial challenge impacting student achievement in Oklahoma’s urban areas: principal recruitment, development, support and retention.


Boosting Achievement: #iPledge5 

We can have effective teachers in every classroom and the best and brightest leading our schools, but learning will not occur if students are not in school. #ipledge5 is Stand Oklahoma’s public awareness campaign for supporting schools’ efforts to better engage parents and persuade them to commit themselves to the five actions in the home that are proven to lead to student success. 



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