John Pfeiffer - Republican for House District 38

John is a fifth generation farmer in Orlando who has been a long-time supporter of his local school.  His father was the principal there, and he helps and volunteers in any way he can. Both of his parents were teachers. His mother currently sits on his local school board. John is well versed in the problems facing schools today, and has seen the positive effects that teachers can have on a student’s life first hand.

John believes the number one opportunity right now is the overwhelming public attention on education. Pfeiffer believes that attention can spur great changes. He believes addressing the teacher shortage across the state is critical, and finding ways to incentivize teachers to come into the profession and stay will lead to greater impact in increasing student outcomes. He also wants to support a system where students are actually learning not just studying for test.

In his own words…

What are you top budget priorities for public schools in Oklahoma? “Better wages for teachers to get them into teaching. Cutting mandates so that fund can make it to the classrooms. Cutting down on wasteful spending that takes money away from the students.”

Will you vote for John Pfeiffer on June 24th?


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