George Young – Democrat for House District 99

George is a retired pastor who has helped organize Whiz Kids programs in his community, and he hosts an annual back to school block party for kids and parents in Northeast OKC.

George sees funding for public schools as lackluster and that achievement is well below where it needs to be. Young says that Oklahoma is graduating students who aren't prepared for colleges or careers, and is producing too many dropouts. He believes that Oklahoma needs to commit real resources and set accountability measures in order to right the ship.

George sees poverty as one of the biggest challenges facing education. George will support policies that allow those in poverty to reach the middle class in order to help fix this problem. He will also support legislation that works to increase per-pupil spending. George believes that Oklahoma’s high school dropout rate is too high while the college graduation rate is too low. George will champion policies like rigorous standards and student development in order to begin addressing this problem.

In his own words…

What are you top budget priorities for public schools in Oklahoma? “Increasing per-pupil spending. Increasing teacher pay. Making sure our buildings are not falling apart.”

Will you vote for George Young on June 24th?

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