National Staff

Lauren Sandherr

Digital Strategist

Lauren grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as an only child, which resulted in a lot of alone time spent exploring her love of both creating and absorbing information, from handwriting and illustrating 12-page “novels” to incessantly playing every geography-themed trivia game that existed in the 90s. That love led her to volunteer as a tutor to kids in both Pittsburgh Public Schools and, in later years, Chicago Public Schools, in hopes that it would help students find their own educational passions. Tutoring gave Lauren a startling view of how imperative it is to fix the issues facing public education across the country.

Lauren is thrilled to be a part of Stand for Children’s mission to do just that, as a Digital Strategist, where she works with the digital and marketing teams to strategize and execute effective and engaging online campaigns. Lauren brings several years of digital project management to the role, and prior to that, she received her B.A. in Radio/TV/Film & Psychology from Northwestern University. In her free time, Lauren can be found volunteering both as a crisis counselor and at an animal shelter, biking around Chicago, crossing locations off her travel bucket list, and watching (and critiquing) a lot of television.

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