National Staff

Jani Iverson

Vice President - Talent

Jani is a Pacific Northwest native who is thrilled to be part of the Stand for Children team as the Vice President of Talent. She has spent the last 20 years gathering experiences in the non-profit world as a volunteer, staff member, leader and board member. For nearly five years, she was the director of the Oregon Zoo Foundation, raising funds and garnering community support for the zoo's education, conservation, and animal welfare priorities. Prior to that she was the interim executive director for several organizations in need of leadership during a crisis or transition, a role with the Nonprofit Association of Oregon that offered opportunities to nurture multiple teams. Before coming to Portland 10 years ago, she served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Western Samoa, where she mentored two national NGO’s that supported women and was a founding board member of the country’s first HIV/AIDS-specific organization. An explorer at heart, Jani enjoys traveling around the world—or even just getting out of town for some fresh air in the mountains. Her career, another journey in her life, has brought her close to many people and causes she cares deeply about, and she is inspired to work on behalf of improving education for our next generation.

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