Reading Deficiencies Decline in Colorado

College & Career Readiness, Legislation | 05/16/2016

Jeani Frickey Saito
Colorado Executive Director

Jeani Frickey Saito is Stand for Children Colorado's Executive Director

In 2012, Stand Colorado, working with key partners, helped draft and champion the passage of the READ Act, a bill that requires districts to assess all K-3 students for significant reading deficiencies and provides resources to districts and schools for the implementation of the scientifically-based practices that are proven to get struggling readers back on track.  As part of the READ Act, schools are required to reach out to parents and engage them in the creation of a READ plan, which details the exact intervention strategies the teacher will use to help a student overcome the significant reading deficiency.

This year's annual READ Act Report shows that significant reading deficiencies have declined by nearly three percentages points in the past year, and it keeps declining. That's 6,000 fewer children with significant reading deficiencies!

Data like this is proof that smart, high-impact education policies work. Reading by third grade is a critical milestone to ensure that kids are college- or career-ready.  Students who are not reading on grade level by the end of third grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school than their peers who are reading at grade level. The READ Act is working, and this is why we at Stand develop and fight for strong policies that ensure students have the skills they need to succeed.

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