What We've Done

Our history and impact in a nutshell

On June 1, 1996, more than 300,000 people gathered at the Lincoln Memorial for the first ever Stand for Children Day, the largest demonstration for children in U.S. history. Out of this amazing day, parents and community members utilized the tremendous energy to return home and fight to improve the lives of children through better education. 

Every day the staff, members, and supporters of Stand for Children heed the call of the great Civil Rights icon, Rosa Parks, who challenged the rally crowd by saying, “If I can sit down for justice, you can stand up for children”

Since 1999, Stand has achieved over 209 state and local victories and leveraged over $6.7 billion in education investments. The policies and investments we’ve secured are improving the lives of more than 5.6 million children. 

We work across 11 states to close the pervasive achievement gap and to focus on passing strong policies on the state and local level that will ensure all children, regardless of where they were born, have access to a quality public education. 

A small sampling of victories for kids over the last 20 years:


  • Quality Pre-K for all - Stand Tennessee helped to create, expand, and protect Tennessee’s voluntary pre-K program, which serves over 18,600 students in 935 classrooms across 135 districts statewide
  • Reading by 3rd GradeStand Colorado helped to pass The READ Act to ensure interventions are available for early readers who need support. 
  • Strong teachers and leaders -  Stand Texas 140-member Educator Network in Dallas spent nine months working with Dallas Independent School District’s (DISD) staff and educating teachers and the community about DISD’s Teacher Excellence Initiative (TEI)—the district’s proposed teacher evaluation and strategic compensation model initiative. Stand Oregon {Link to OR page} advocated for a strong teacher and principal mentorship program that has trained over 500 new teachers and principals in Oregon receive high quality mentoring every year, and 7-year retention rates for the mentored teachers and principals are 94%, compared to less than 50% nationally.
  • High Standards and Expectations for our students: Stand offices protected high academic standards by defending misguided legislative attacks on Common Core in Arizona, Colorado, Louisiana, Tennessee and Massachusetts.
  • Access to High Quality Schools: Stand Indiana members were tireless advocates for HEA 1321 which allowed for low-performing Indianapolis Public Schools to have a turnaround policy focused on building quality options in all Indianapolis neighborhoods. 
  • Longer School DayStand Illinois advocated for a longer school day year for the Chicago Public Schools, which had the shortest school day in the nation, added 90 minutes per day and two weeks per year of instruction for just under 400,000 students.
  • Academic AccelerationStand Washington championed the passage of legislation that provides support to high schools that adopt a policy to enroll every qualified student into advanced classes (such as AP or International Baccalaureate), increasing the number of students taking advanced classes by 196%.

We are so proud of the accomplishments of our members and teams across the country, but know there is much work to be done to ensure every child has access to a quality public education.

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