Legislative and Member Priorities

Our Legislative and Member Priorities focus on investing in our public schools, giving parents more choices in high-quality schools, and expanding opportunities for all children. 

THE SPECIAL EDUCATION CIRCUIT BREAKER: As a member of the Coalition for Special Education Funding, we continue to advocate for full funding of the Circuit Breaker account to meet the needs of all students.

THE FOUNDATION BUDGET REVIEW COMMISSION: We are an advisory member of the Foundation Budget Review Commission. The Commission is the result of the FY2015 budget which calls for a review of the current Chapter 70 School funding formula [link to document]. The current formula has not been updated since 1993. The Commission will recommend how the funding formula should be structured to be efficient and fair.

PUBLIC SCHOOL CHOICE: In far too many communities, there are only a few high-performing public schools amid a high concentration of underperforming schools. Parents often face the choice of sending their child to one underperforming school or another. We must increase the number of high-quality independent and in-district public charter schools in our lowest performing districts so parents have a true choice to send their child to a school that prepares them for their future.

EXTENDING AND EXPANDING TURNAROUND TOOLS: Parents should be able to trust that when they send their child to their community’s public schools, their child will be getting the excellent education. That’s often not the case in communities with a high concentration of underperforming schools. The 2010 achievement gap law provided school leaders in our state’s underperforming schools greater flexibility to utilize innovative strategies and tools to turn their schools around. This has resulted in significant gains in their students’ academic achievement. To increase the number of excellent public schools, we must extend the time “turnaround” schools have to use these proven strategies while giving at-risk schools the freedom to use them.

INVESTMENT: When it comes to providing every child with a quality education, money matters. Money alone does not result in better outcomes for students; we must direct our state’s investments towards strategies that we know will help our schools provide our children with an excellent education.


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