Great Teachers Great Schools


The most significant in-school factor to a child’s success is the teacher. Public schools in Massachusetts are currently implementing new evaluation systems designed to measure teacher effectiveness. This will allow school leaders to celebrate high-performing teachers, provide targeted support and professional development to help teachers improve their craft. The teacher evaluation guidelines were agreed upon by education leaders and teachers’ unions, and in June 2012, Governor Deval Patrick signed into law S.2315, An Act Providing for the Implementation of Education Evaluation Systems in School Districts.

This bill:

  • Ensures every public school gives priority to a teacher’s effectiveness rather than seniority when deciding who to place and keep in the classroom;
  • Guarantees school leaders have a role in deciding who is teaching in their building;
  • Establishes a robust and comprehensive data reporting system;
  • Codifies $3.5 million in Race to the Top (RTTT) funds towards training teachers on the new evaluation system.


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