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School Choice: Quality schools for everyone

Every child, regardless of background or zip code, deserves access to a high quality education. We champion parents’ choice in what school their child attends, especially in school districts with chronically under‐performing schools.

School districts should have a comprehensive plan that ensures every student has access to a high quality education. This means providing the best possible options for parents, such as giving parents the option to apply to a portfolio of schools within the district, such as:

  • Higher performing schools
  • Magnet schools
  • Public charter schools
  • Charter school networks that work closely with the district

School choice will only work if a school district ensures that parents understand how to access their options and that barriers to accessing these options are eliminated. In some cases of continued underperformance, a school district may consider a turnaround approach to changing a school or cluster of schools in the district, which may mean working with a strong, external provider with a history of success.

Districts should also have an adaptable process of measuring the success of their plan to ensure that every student has access to a school that provides a high quality education. Additionally, states should provide resources and support for all schools while holding them accountable for getting results for students.

Read our white paper:

School Choice

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