BESE District 7

Holly Boffy – Republican

As the 2010 recipient of Louisiana’s teacher of the year award, Holly Boffy was elected to the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education four years ago and currently serves as the Secretary/Treasurer. Holly’s life has been dedicated to educating children in Louisiana as a classroom teacher and now, in her current position, working to help develop great Louisiana teachers and leaders.

During Holly’s time on the board Louisiana’s students have seen increased test scores and decreased dropout rates. Members of the endorsement committee listed Holly’s strong support of student-centered policies and efforts to protect parents’ and educators’ right to know how their students are doing as a few reasons for giving her endorsement. Holly has also worked to protect the ability of those closest to the students to make decisions they know are in their students’ best interest.

Throughout her time on the board, Holly has been committed to seeking educator and parent input on policy - something that she has promised to continue when elected to serve again.

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