BESE District 3

Sandy Holloway - Republican

As a 37 year educator, principal, school director and supervisor Sandy has dedicated her life to the education of children in both the traditional and nontraditional setting. Sandy currently serves as the director of Bayou Community Academy (BCA) in Thibodaux, an open enrollment public charter school. Sandy is a wife, mother of three, and grandmother of seven. She cites her decades spent in education, her family, and her continued commitment to the children of Louisiana as the driving force behind her desire to run for the BESE District 3 seat.

Under her direction, BCA has achieved and maintained an ‘A’ rating. Sandy has said that she is committed wholeheartedly to bringing that same leadership to the BESE board to ensure that no child is stuck in a failing school.

During the endorsement process, Sandy expressed her keen interest in improving the quality of teacher preparation programs and supports for teachers, increasing teacher pay for those educators that are doing a terrific job of educating students, ensuring that those closest to students - local principals and administrators - have the authority to make decisions for their students, and ensuring that all students have access to a high quality K-12 school, regardless of where they live in Louisiana.

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