BESE District 2

Kira Orange Jones – Democrat

Kira Orange Jones has worked to make sure that no child is stuck in a failing school by voting to preserve a parent’s right to choose the school that best suits their child’s needs. She fought to reward teachers who are effectively educating students and has worked hard to make sure more money gets to the classrooms where students learn.

Kira Orange Jones has stated that growing up in an inner city neighborhood showed her first-hand the challenges that parents and students can face in trying to receive a high-quality education. It was that life experience, and her time spent teaching in low-income schools in New Orleans, that pushed her to run for the Louisiana Board of Elementary and Secondary Education four years ago.

Kira has worked with the community to improve access to high quality school options, rewarded great teachers with more pay, and supported the expansion of access to early childhood education programs so that no child is ever forced to start school already behind.

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