Support Better Tests in Schools

We now have high academic standards to ensure our students are prepared for success in college or careers.

Just like higher academic standards, statewide academic tests, like Indiana’s ISTEP, are a crucial part of a high-quality education system. Assessments give students, parents, teachers, principals, districts, and the state information on how children are really doing in school and provide clarity around subject areas where students may need to focus in order to be prepared for success in life after high school.


The updated ISTEP assessment is the first measurement of how well students are meeting the new state standards. Scoring is different this year, and the content of the test is more rigorous to match Indiana’s higher standards. Therefore, scores may initially seem lower. However, these assessments will give parents and teachers much better information about both what students know and how to better help them achieve success.

You'll now have a clearer picture of what your child needs to do to improve in the future and be successful in life.

It's important to know that comparing the old and new ISTEP tests is like comparing apples and oranges. The new scoring system will give parents, teachers, and students a more accurate picture of how a student is doing.


A lower score doesn't mean your child is learning less! It simply means the tests are different and are now a better measurement of how your kids are doing in math and reading. The revised education assessment is a better test and is measuring real learning and understanding, not memorization like the old ISTEP test.

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