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What We Do

Stand works to ensure a quality education for all children

Family Engagement & Organizing

One voice is powerful, but many voices organized together create a force that can’t be ignored. Organizing gathers supporters together to spread the word about current education issues and helps parents and community members stand up for educational equality. We engage parents and community stakeholders in several ways. Learn more about family engagement and organizing. >

Policy & Advocacy

One of the largest influences on a child’s education is the policy surrounding their education. Policies must be put into place to ensure that every child, across every neighborhood, graduates ready for college or career. Find out how we advocate for these policies. >

Electoral Work

At Stand Indiana, we work tirelessly to ensure that education champions are elected to school boards, city government, and the Indiana General Assembly. We do this through educating voters on which candidates have the best policy platforms focused on education. Read more about our electoral work. >

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