Elections 2016--Standing with Education Champions

Stand endorsed Tacoma School Board candidate, Andrea Cobb, being sworn in.


When there is an election that impacts education – from local school boards to state level elected officials– we have to determine whether or not to get involved. Our endorsement process helps us determine if a candidate is a leader who will stand up for what is best for kids in our education system.

Not just anyone can be championed by Stand. We run a rigorous endorsement process. Using surveys, candidate interviews, and when possible, past policy decisions; our endorsement board does early endorsement on just a handful of candidates. For the others, they ask tough questions to ascertain where they stand on key education challenges. Only then do they decide who has what it takes to be an education champion.

Once we endorse a candidate, we want that candidate to win. To help them do so, we may engage our members and supporters to assist us with:

  • door knocking
  • phone banking
  • direct mail
  • radio ads
  • social media ads
  • other tactics

Electing education champions is a key part of our education advocacy work and ties to our organizing and policy outreach. 

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