How You Can Support Summer Learning

College & Career Readiness, Parent & Family Engagement | 05/11/2016

Jeani Frickey Saito
Executive Director

Jeani Frickey Saito is Stand for Children's Executive Director

This time of year, most kids have one thing on their mind: Summer! As school begins to wind down and summer vacation draws near, it is easy to think about anything but learning. Unfortunately, the dreaded “summer slide” is a very real situation that impacts millions of children every summer. When kids are not actively engaged in learning during their summer vacations, they can lose the progress they made during the school year. This means when they move on to the next grade level, they have to spend time regaining the ground they lost over the summer.

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Parents are the first line of defense to ensure that students avoid summer slide. By encouraging children to keep up in their studies, they have a greater chance at maintaining what they learned throughout the year. One of the easiest (and most fun) ways to keep kids learning in the summer is by encouraging them to pick up a good book. In fact, the best predictor of summer learning loss or gain is the amount of time a child spends reading outside of school.

At Stand for Children Colorado, we encourage all parents, teachers, and community leaders to emphasize the incredible value of reading in the summer. Help out by setting a good example: instead of watching TV, pick up a book and encourage your child to do the same. Reading at least 15 minutes each day is a big step in the right direction. Students who develop a love of reading are far less likely to see the negative effects of summer slide and will enter the next school year prepared to learn new material.

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